June 2019

Opportunity to Collaborate with Pangea Legal Services on EJW/Skadden Fellowship Applications

Pangea Legal Services (Pangea) seeks to sponsor a rising third-year law student or recent post-graduate law student for a public interest fellowship beginning in the fall of 2020. This position may be based out of Pangea’s San Francisco office or San José office. Pangea will work with the applicant to develop a project proposal for Equal Justice Works, Skadden, and other funding, including post-graduate law school funding. 

A little about us!

Our vision is to live in a world where people have the right move and resettle across borders with dignity and respect. We work towards this vision through our mission: defending immigrants against deportation, promoting community education and empowerment, and engaging in policy advocacy. We also work towards this vision internally by building a horizontal, consensus-based organization.

Our team: We started in 2013 with a team of 1.5 and now are 11 (3 in San Jose and 8 in San Francisco). Our staff and board of directors are diverse in their migration backgrounds, and extremely supportive of each other. What brings us together is our dedication to our work, each other, and the larger movement for immigrants’ rights. 

Our work: We operate on three levels: direct legal representation, policy advocacy, and community empowerment and education. Attorneys at Pangea participate in traditional lawyering – zealously representing immigrants in their removal proceedings and appeals. Attorneys also act as movement lawyers – working with clients, their families, grassroots organizers, legislators, and media to create systemic change. Our goal for representation is not only to achieve positive legal outcomes for each client, but also to provide our clients with opportunities for politicization and social transformation, thus advancing the larger movement for immigrant rights. 

Our offices: Pangea’s main office is located in downtown San Francisco, near key immigration offices, including the detained and non-detained immigration courts, ICE, USCIS, and the asylum office. Pangea’s Santa Clara County office is located in the San José Unified School District office, giving us access to parents, teachers, and students. 

Our internal work: Pangea is more than a job; it’s an opportunity to become a director and share ownership in an organization that reflects the values we want to see in the world. Over the last 5 years, we have built an organization where everyone receives equal pay, authority is delegated by consensus, and everyone’s responsibilities are equally important regardless of organizational role. All employees serve on 1-2 organizational “hubs” that help run, build, and strengthen our organization.  We are committed to continuing to develop our organizational model guided by our social justice ideals, and we invest significant time in its upkeep and growth.

Our project interests: Any student who is interested in developing a fellowship that combines direct legal representation of immigrants in removal proceedings with one of the following areas should contact us:

  1. Public Records Act Requests/Freedom of Information Act Litigation. Suing the federal government in the Northern District of California can be an effective way to positively impacted thousands of immigrants across the nation. We are looking for a fellow who is interested in pursuing a project in this area that combines Public Records Act Requests (PRAs) and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation with public campaigns and national media advocacy.

  2. Pro Se Detention Representation. Many immigrants in detention are forced to represent themselves in Immigration Court and in their interactions with ICE. Their asylum cases and other avenues for relief are often complex. At the same time, some pro se respondents' potential to prevail can be significantly increased through basic legal training, templates, country condition packets, and testimony preparation. We are looking for a fellow who is interested in pursuing a project that would identify groups of unrepresented individuals in detention centers across the United States and would provide these incarcerated immigrants the tools to defend themselves against detention and deportation.

Please send your resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript, references, and writing sample to bianca@pangealegal.org with “2020 Legal Fellowship” as the subject line by July 12th, 2019. In your cover letter, please answer the following three questions: 1) Which project area appeals to you; 2) How does immigration directly impact you or your family; 3) What experiences do you have with collectively run organizations, or what draws you to a non-hierarchical organization? Please indicate “2020 Fellowship Application” in the subject line of your email.