Sara is the Housing and Cooperatives Attorney at the Sustainable Economies Law Center. She joined Pangea's board in February 2018. 

Since 2014, Sara has advised entrepreneurs and housing communities on the legalities of starting democratically owned and managed workplaces and cohousing projects. Much of her work at the Law Center has centered around providing education and advice to immigrant-owned worker cooperatives, which provide empowering livelihoods to some of the most exploited workers in the dominant economy. Sara also supports state and local policy campaigns to bring down barriers for worker-owned businesses and permanently affordable housing solutions. Additionally, Sara is a contract Legal and Research Consultant for the ICA Group, which gives technical assistance to community organizations starting worker cooperatives and business owners selling their company to their employees.

Like Pangea, the Law Center is a democratic and nonhierarchical nonprofit, with shared decision-making practices, equal salaries, and a high degree of individual autonomy. Sara is eager to bring her experience with such governance structures, both as a consultant and as a participant, to the Pangea board. 

Before going to law school, Sara spent over six years working with community organizations addressing environmental and social justice issues in Bangkok, Thailand and Pomona, California. She earned her JD from Berkeley Law in 2014.