Immigrants in deportation proceedings have avenues to lawful status and we're here to advocate for them through legal representation, community empowerment, and policy advocacy.


Yazmin's Story

For many immigrants like Yazmin Elias, a client of Pangea Legal Services, California has failed them. The state has instituted a great number of policies to protect immigrants, yet everyday people like Yazmin fall through the cracks and end up in indefinite detention, at the hands of federal officials who have no interest in seeing them as human beings, capable of making mistakes, learning from them and becoming better people. Yazmin was convicted of 3 DUI’s, but was eventually, identified by a specialized DUI court as a victim of 20 years of domestic violence who deserved rehab and treatment, not incarceration. After completing 3-months of in-patient rehabilitation, and while enrolled in outpatient therapy, Yazmin was picked up by ICE after a court hearing in Sonoma County...

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Marvin's Story

A few days after the elections, Marvin was detained by ICE in San Francisco. He was reporting as scheduled by an ICE program managed by a private contractor through which some asylum seekers have to wear a GPS device on their ankle.  ICE didn't tell him why he was being detained and he wasn't allowed to call his attorney...

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