End the Deportations! Citizenship for all!

Thursday, March 21st ||  St. John the Evangelist - 1661 15th St. @ Julian

Pangea Legal Services joined community-based organizations, interfaith groups, legal advocates, worker centers, labor and immigrant and community members from SF to discuss what is being proposed at the national level, the impacts our current broken immigration system is having on our communities, and what we can do locally and statewide to address the criminalization and deportation of our immigrant communities.

Among the myriad of issues discussed were:

  • The CIR proposals coming out of DC and the negative impacts these could have on workers, families, students.    
  • Testimony from community members including: DREAMers, union workers, low-wage workers, survivors of S-comm and those already torn apart by deportation proceedings. 
  • How to get involved and mobilize locally to help end ICE & police collaboration in San Francisco, ensure due process for all immigrants and demand inclusive and just immigration reform - making California a leader in fighting deportations of our communities.