Dear Sen. Harris:

I write to ask that the you take immediate action to help secure Hamid's release from the Mesa Verde Detention Center. Hamid, a 17-year old fleeing persecution in Afghanistan, has been detained for 5 months now in an adult detention center. Hamid's request for release has been pending with ICE since May 8th.

ICE has already told your office that they are doing a background check on Hamid's sponsor. This is only happening because ICE is either admitting Hamid is actually a minor, or because the Trump Administration's extreme vetting has made its way to California detention centers. In either case I hope you will hold ICE publicly accountable and demand justice for Hamid.

It is now Ramadan and despite multiple request Hamid has yet to be provided with adequate meals. This situation is more urgent than ever, I ask that you publicly advocate for Hamid's immediate release from the Mesa Verde Detention Center.

Thank you.

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