A few days after the elections, Marvin was detained by ICE in San Francisco. He was reporting as scheduled by ISAP (Intensive Supervision Appearance Program), an ICE program managed by a private contractor through which some asylum seekers have to wear a GPS device on their ankle.  ICE didn't tell him why he was being detained and he wasn't allowed to call his attorney. That day, Marvin's partner and two children - who Pangea also represents - had to return home without their father. During the three weeks of detention, the children suffered from insomnia and cried at school. Their mother was unable to pay rent and faced eviction. Fortunately, together with their Pangea attorney, Marvin's family was able to get enough letters and community support and get him released on a bond from the immigration judge.

The trauma that the family experienced led Marvin's partner, Yancy, to speak publicly about Marvin's case and lobby the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and Mayor to support universal representation for all detained individuals. At the rally, Yancy said, "my family is lucky to have an attorney, but I know that there are a lot of families who suffer because they don't have a lawyer." Marvin's case exemplifies the pain that immigrant families go through when they are detained by ICE. We will continue to encourage Marvin, Yancy, and all of our clients to share their stories in order to educate and create better policies for all immigrants.